Safely Simulate Real Ransomware and Improve Your Security

Discover How Vulnerable Your Network Is

Most attackers are financially motivated, viewing your sensitive data as money to be made. Because of this, ransomware serves as a leading threat, with attackers constantly adapting to evade detection by new security solutions. Will your network bend or break when attacked by ransomware?

VIRTIS’ Threat Revealer is a safe-to-use ransomware simulator that gives you an in-depth look at the impact a ransomware attack would have on your entire network, not just a single workstation.

Threat Revealer is not meant to test the effectiveness of your anti-virus, but rather provide an objective look at your network’s security posture when faced with a ransomware attack.


How Threat Revealer Works

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No installation is required to deploy Threat Revealer on your network. Download directly to your machine in minutes from our website.

Configure & Run

Threat Revealer's setup wizard walks you through configuring for your network and running the simulation.

View Results

Once Threat Revealer has completed its ransomware simulation on your network, you will be prompted to view your interactive report with detailed findings to assist you in remediation.

Ready to put your security to the test?