Know your organization's cybersecurity risk today. See what your Post Predictive SHIELDED Risk Score is.

Specializing in Protecting Legacy Applications and Frameworks that cannot be updated.

“So even with static and dynamic code scanning, pen-testing, vulnerability scanning from multiple tools and bug bounties, we still wanted a dynamic shielding layer that could wrap and protect our Apps and APIs rapidly as we moved both new and legacy apps to the cloud. We now don’t release anything without shielding it!"

Dan Bowden, CISO Sentara Healthcare 

Provide a web application pen test, or 3-5 of your most difficult apps, perhaps legacy apps (without dev teams), and through a PoC we will come back with how we will fully protect those apps. We will provide a shielding plan and be able to have a meaningful discussion.
What is the Risk Priority Report?
This is a free report providing a summary of your organization's current cybersecurity posture with influencing risk factors along with a post predictive security risk score of your Web Apps & APIs when SHIELDED by our revolutionary protection service.

How can I use this report?
Knowing your cybersecurity risk today lets you see how attackers can target your organization’s critical assets, which could lead to data loss. RiskRecon validates and proves the efficacy of our Web App & API SHIELDING Protection Service.

How do I protect my vulnerable Web Apps Immediately?
VIRTIS protects Web Apps & APIs by immediately removing the ability for vulnerabilities to be exploited without touching a single line of application source code.

DIFFERENTIATOR: 100% App & API Protection Guaranteed under VIRTIS Management

  • Globally Unique SHIELDING Protection Platform as a Service. 24/7/365
  • Immediate protection upon deployment.
  • Protect against business and application logic flaws that WAF’S cannot.
  • We pick up and protect where WAFs fall short.
  • Best-In-class WAF delivered as part of our baseline policy, or you can use your own WAF.
  • We don’t touch a single line of source code, so no risk of breaking the application or its dependencies.
  • We Provide Immediate Protection: Developers are often not available for code remediation in a timely manner (4-6 months, on average, to fix critical & high vulnerabilities).
VIRTIS is the safer, faster, and more cost-effective choice over traditional methods that leave you exposed.

100% Protection against ALL your known vulnerabilities that VIRTIS manages.

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Request Your Free Risk Report & Post Predictive Web App SHIELDED Risk Score

Request Your Free Risk Report & Post-Predictive Web App SHIELDED Risk Score